Increased Interest in the Semantic Web

The Semantic Web is receiving more and more attention recently which can be seen from the fact that Google bought Metaweb, the company that developed the social semantic database. It is less known that Microsoft has recently licensed the advanced linguistic technology from Cognition. As a result, Microsoft now has access to the technology of both Powerset and Cognition.

When Microsoft bought Powerset they did not integrate it into their main search product Bing, so one might have concluded that Microsoft was not really that interested in utilizing Natural Language technology, but simply wanted to make use of the brain power of Powerset’s team of computer scientists. But now that Microsoft has also licensed the scientific linguistic parsing from Cognition, it seems clear that they do in fact have plans to utilize Natural Language technology.

At this point, out of the three companies which concentrate on the computerization of the most recent theoretical linguistics, two (Powerset and Cognition) have been grabbed up by Microsoft. This leaves Linguistic Agents’ technology as the only available alternative on the market.