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Is AI doomed to be racist and sexist? | Inside Design Blog

How can we prevent a future where our world is dominated by racist, sexist machine overlords?

Practical Steps to Deliver on Your AI Priorities

Researchers at the non-profit AI research group OpenAI just wanted to train their new text generation software to predict the next word in a sentence. It blew away all of their expectations and was ...

The Elon Musk-backed nonprofit company OpenAI declines to release research publicly for fear of misuse

In a new survey, 84 percent of Chinese business leaders said AI would have a bigger impact than the Internet. Only 38 percent of U.S. executives said the same.

Winning strategy games shows the computer is able to act unconsciously, non-rationally, and quickly.

SHANGHAI -- Elementary and middle school students confidently tap at computers in the office of Chinese game and e-commerce giant NetEase in Hang

We need computers with some common sense.