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How the Internet of Things Is Leveraging AI to Gain a Competitive Advantage - DZone IoT

In this post, we explore to potential of AI-infused IoT technology and its ability to provide risk management, operational efficiency, and more.

The most promising 100 AI startups working across the artificial intelligence value chain, from hardware and data infrastructure to industrial applications.

If you can't beat the robots, you might as well join them.

Winning strategy games shows the computer is able to act unconsciously, non-rationally, and quickly.

We need computers with some common sense.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer a buzzword. It's the new norm. And marketers need to pay attention, according to marketing, tech, and IoT experts.

Practical Steps to Deliver on Your AI Priorities

Defense officials want to accelerate the delivery of artificial-intelligence tools from the lab to the field. But it\'s hard to obtain the massive data ...