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Harnessing artificial intelligence to analyze DNA and streamline treatments will usher in an age of bespoke medicine.

Artificial intelligence has become so advanced that it is able to produce incredibly convincing pictures of people who don't even exist.

This past week, while exploring the most recent press on artificial intelligence, I stumbled upon an organization that professed to utilize “AI and machine learning” to gather and examine thousands…

The UK is waking up to the fact that the medical care of the future will work hand-in-hand with artificial intelligence.

Machine learning could be a revolutionary new tool in predicting future heart failure.

Heralded as one of the most disruptive technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) brings a number of commercial advantages to the travel industry.

Winning strategy games shows the computer is able to act unconsciously, non-rationally, and quickly.

The data we use to train machines is biased and could teach them gender inequality.