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What Do You Rely on Consent For? 3 Things Consent No Longer Makes Legal After the Google GDPR Fine - CPO Magazine

The Google GDR fine has demonstrated that most historical data, analytics & AI, and decentralized processing is illegal under the GDPR. Companies ...

Buying another technology company, like an EMR company, is not the ideal method for a technology organization to tap into the healthcare market. There was a lot of buzz recently when Jim Cramer made ...

It's probably not as much as you think, according to this excerpt from Startup Money Made Easy, a new Inc. book.

Facebook is considering ways it could prevent the spread of dangerous anti-vaccination content on the platform.

If you've written a well-researched blog post, there’s no reason you can't get more eyeballs on your content by taking a few simple steps.

Adding too many past ethics traumas, I remember one of the most ethically disturbing moments of my life. It was early 2018; I came across a news article mentioning a Silicon Valley health startup…