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How robots are reshaping one of the dirtiest, most dangerous jobs

Garbage-sorting robots featuring artificial intelligence and fast-moving arms are now on the job at many recycling centers across the U.S. and around ...

A look at how automation and AI will affect the American economy and its people, places, and jobs over the next few decades.

Apple, Amazon, Salesforce, Dell, AT&T, Hilton and countless other top brands would like your talent.

Instead of eliminating human workers, AI may create new jobs requiring updated skills and training.

Driverless technology – the timescale to adoption, its benefits, how it will impact employment for drivers, and what new job opportunities might appear.

Many of the things that make us human, remain human. For now.

As the workforce evolves, so do in-demand skill sets, according to Bongo.

The researchers created a special polymer that can make robots repair themselves.