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Uber's new open source, deep learning toolbox known as Ludwig enables almost anyone to train a deep learning model, no coding knowledge required.

In recent years, deep learning has garnered tremendous success in a variety of application domains. This new field of machine learning has been growing rapidly and has been applied to most ...

Bootstrap Business Blog discusses 10 things to keep in mind when opening a new retail store. Retailing shop considerations for sales success for brick and mortars in an ecommerce world.

A look at the complicated business of funding open source software development.

Platform companies are competing and also collaborating to create AI frameworks and toolkits. Though Amazon, Microsoft, and Google push their own frameworks, they are open to supporting a wide range ...

Introducing Lore, a Python framework to make machine learning approachable for Engineers and maintainable for Machine Learning Researchers.

The increase in development speed is driven by the innovation of re-using existing blocks. Basically, developers don’t need to reinvent the wheel every day. Chris Dixon just pointed that every era of…