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Could We (or Should We) Really Develop Legal Artificial Intelligence Without Human Oversight?

Adding too many past ethics traumas, I remember one of the most ethically disturbing moments of my life. It was early 2018; I came across a news ...

The real jobs issues plus seven trends you shouldn't ignore. Learn what AI means for organizational retooling, cybersecurity, China's rise and more.

Learn more about the many ways AI can replace your manager from this infographic. Are you ready to let artificial intelligence take over

One key outcome of the insights set to be delivered by AI technologies: a new era of healthcare personalization. Thanks to AI, many of us will live long enough to experience its true benefits.

The tech world got a surprise on Monday when the Trump administration announced an executive order that would create an American AI Initiative designed to dedicate resources and funnel investments ...

Our service will post content on socials networks without your intervention. But you can also choose to post only content that you first approved. Behaviours of our robots are highly customisable. ...

The augmented capacities that AI is going to add to our capacities should improve our lives and eliminate tedious tasks, as well as increase productivity