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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a disruptive force that is defining the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and promises to change nearly every aspect ...

Oh, why not? Why not make a prediction? A little fun speculation to brighten up the boring (assumed) bottom building. Just relaxing after a day at work, looking at the Bitcoin daily, because ...

For today’s companies, corporate innovation is literally a life-or-death choice. This past decade is proof that smaller peers can — and will — surpass them.

At the 2019 gathering of the World Economic Forum, re-skilling and flexible work took center stage.

We have officially entered the era of rigorous, data-driven communications but still need human ingenuity to tell compelling stories

I would say the chart here speaks for its self. The arrow size denotes the approximate likelihood of each move.

I always see this fib pattern and wonder if It will resurface once more