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For today’s companies, corporate innovation is literally a life-or-death choice. This past decade is proof that smaller peers can — and will — ...

definition of innovation implies that customers probably aren't even thinking much about using your product, let alone what you should do to replace

Building your team’s performance and strengths is vital to how well your projects get completed, the cohesiveness of the group and the trust each one has in the others. There are several activities ...

Any organization today is the sum of its ever-more digitized parts. Efforts to digitally transform these parts into a more tech-enabled whole is currently at the top of corporate objectives globally. ...

Design in Tech Report Home — with all past reports covering M&A activity, new patterns in creativity × business, and the rise of computational design.

We have officially entered the era of rigorous, data-driven communications but still need human ingenuity to tell compelling stories

Industrial companies are finding that technology is an important link in the value chain for innovation and product development. The transformation is challenging, but there are ways to getting it ...

Why IT leaders need a voice in how employees adapt to technology-driven automation.