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Kevin Bass:
RT @odsc: This tutorial shows how you can implement a skip gram model in tensorflow to generate word vectors for any text you are working w…

Kevin Bass:
RT @somacdivad: I just found out about the Jupyter extension for VS Code, and at this point I feel like the only thing keeping VS Code from…

Kevin Bass:
RT @RLangTip: The arules package provides functions for mining itemsets and discovering association rules #rstats

Mike Tamir, PhD:
Multi-GPU training with Estimators, tf.keras and #AI #DeepLearning #MachineLearning #DataScience

Katerina Vylomova:
RT @eltimster: The faculty position ad is now officially live: DM or email me with any enquiries regarding the posi…

Mia Dand:
RT @AnjaKasp: #BuildingTechLiteracy: What’s in YOUR BOOKSHELF? I am building a tech “A-Z” resource base and a big collage w “tech-shelf-sel…

RT @derektweets: @BusinessInsider sat down with @Salesforce Chief Scientist @RichardSocher to hear his thoughts on Einstein Voice and the f…

Ben Poole:
RT @wbialek: Very excited about new work on approaches to large populations of neurons, inspired by the renormalization group. From the th…

Vishal Bhalla:
RT @naamii_nepal: Participate in a 10 day AI school in the land of Himalayas this December ? Let us know if interested to contribute as a s…

Viral B. Shah:
RT @smist08: Blogged on using the Julia Flux Machine Learning system. #JuliaLang #juliaflux

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