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Catherine Olsson:
Our paper "Skill Rating for Generative Models" is now up! tl;dr: A new idea & proof-of-concept for evaluating generative models. Train a bunch of GANs. Have the generators "play against" all the discriminator snapshots. Rate them like chess players. 1/n

Martin Ford:
RT @mikewaltercgtn: Coming up at 9 PM ET a full roundup of the days news @cgtnamerica plus a look at #TodayInChina #WorldRobotConference #R…

Melonee Wise:
Have a good start on our patent wall at Fetch 😁 Got a couple more granted this month too!

Mark O. Riedl:
This is amazing

Mark O. Riedl:
*impostor syndrome pops up* or maybe AI Robin

Miles Brundage:
"VizML: A Machine Learning Approach to Visualization Recommendation," Hu et al.:

Daniel Roy:
No better way to teach Brexiters than for them to see their country screech to a complete halt. They may then finally appreciate the extent to which Britain’s position in global society was due to historical momentum and thus privilege.

Most people in China would comply with police requests to unlock their devices. “In China, it’s not wise to refuse.”

Miles Brundage:
"An Auto-tuning Framework for Autonomous Vehicles," Fan et al.: More on Baidu's driverless car stuff

Miles Brundage:
"Embedding Grammars," Wingate et al.:

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