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Andreas Vlachos:
RT @Dadang_Ewp: @vlachos_nlp just presented about automated fact checking in RSDM at @cikm2018. Nice talks. 😊

Hans-Peter Zorn:
RT @inovexgmbh: How to Manage Machine Learning Models, #blog by @NicoKreiling #MachineLearning #ModelDB #ML

Andrew Davison:
Fairly insightful article about the challenge of home robotics. Self driving cars are hard, but indoor robotics is harder :) # SpatialAI

We’re excited to have announced our growing relationship with the @FCSAUAE at the @UNDataForum with an MOU signing between FCSA’s Director General Abdulla Nasser Lootah and @Deep__AI Co-Founder @PeterGriggs. We will work with the FCSA to bring new applications of A.I. to @uaegov

Subbarao Kambhampati:
Hello Cape Town! 🇿🇦

Alex J. Champandard:
Ah. Here's what happens visually when the optimization algorithm (L-BFGS) "explodes" 💥. I have not tracked down the cause yet, likely extending #PyTorch to understand parameter ranges would help. (Left: previous iteration looks OK, Right: pixels go far out of range → clamped)

Mostafa Dehghani:
"Learning to Transform, Combine, and Reason in Open-Domain Question Answering" w/ @HAzarbonyad, @jkamps, and @mdr accepted at #wsdm2019.

Alex J. Champandard:
Neural approaches to style transfer struggle with certain types of art, e.g. crisp yet smooth brush-strokes 🖋️. It's likely a combination of factors, including using models pre-trained on natural images. 📷 In this thread I'll experiment to learn more! 👇 #neuralimagen #procjam

Illia Polosukhin:
Opening remarks at #Web3Summit in funky #Funkhaus in Berlin

Alex J. Champandard:
If anyone catches this thread later, I'm going to start a new one to explore more artistic styles (e.g. sketch, charcoal) today rather than photo-realistic. I'll use the hashtag #neuralimagen to match the name of the project on GitHub ;-)

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