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Miles Brundage:
RT @BrundageBot: Physical Adversarial Examples for Object Detectors. Kevin Eykholt, Ivan Evtimov, Earlence Fernandes, Bo Li, Amir Rahmati,…

Miles Brundage:
RT @NarangVipin: He sent this at 11:24pm. If the president decided to order a nuclear launch against Iran, he could do it and no one might…

Miles Brundage:
RT @catehall: “Women are too emotional to be president” https://t.co/t6Ec0GT3IR

Miles Brundage:
I liked it

Radim Řehůřek:
Our #ML-based personal data scanner just got better 🎉 #DataPrivacy


Victor Zhong:
RT @CarolineWinslow: Angela Merkel today: "When the generation that survived the war is no longer with us, we'll find out whether we have l…

RT @cyreejarelle: I’m a librarian and this is actually the worst fucking idea ever. Libraries by Amazon would eliminate the most importan…

Pete Warden:
I just discovered Andrea Bergen through @artspansf - she's an Oakland artist who blew me away with her cut-paper collages! Check out this amazing detail, and see more at https://t.co/hp1w5x42NV

RT @InfoQ: Counting is Hard: find out how @reddit uses probabilistic counting algorithms to make scaling easier. #casestudy at @QConAI htt…

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