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Aydin Senkut:
So excited to see Guideline become the retirement savings partner for Square - so much more greatness to come ! @kevinbusque & team are on fire !

Olivier Grisel:
RT @SanhEstPasMoi: Here's how we beat the state-of-the-art in NLP with HMTL 💪 Happy to finally share our latest paper on multi-task learni…

Sebastian J. Mielke:
RT @raj_desh26: If you are not from a top undergrad school, you should also try to present your research well online. Consider: - putting a…

Sebastian J. Mielke:
RT @jhuclsp: Good advice on applying for a PhD. Follow it and apply to JHU!

Ben Hamner:
You should’ve bought some of that clean delicious Australian air! Only commodity we’re in short supply of

Graham Neubig:
Posted without comment...

Mia Dand:
Curious what others think. Does Sheryl Sandberg’s populist “lean in” message signal that women & men should be held to the same ethical standards or should women “lean in” to change the status quo for everyone not just when it benefits them? 🤔 #Facebook

Jordan 'Jaws' Novet:
RT @cloud_opinion:

Xavier Giró-i-Nieto 🎗:
RT @BCN_ai: On December 19th at the @MovistarCentre, you will be able to hear Agata Lapedriza's research on affective computing. Agata is a…

Kirill Dubovikov:
A recipe for sales presentation

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